On the way to 2050 through a return to nature.

Seasons Summer 2021 – Wild Rivers

On this first day of summer, we are pleased to share with you our new Seasons video which highlights “Rivières Sauvages”, an association that preserves the water of our exceptional rivers, the major challenge for our world in 2050.

Seasons Spring 2021 – Mountain Riders

Spring is here, and, with it, our new Seasons episode highlighting the Mountain Riders association which invites us, during our mountain excursions, to become a player in the ecological transition.


Seasons Winter 2020 – Le Pic Vert

In this new Seasons episode, we present Le Pic Vert, a local association which is mobilized for the education of eco-citizens and which has been accompanying us for 5 years already to preserve the sensitive biodiversity of our site of Aiguenoire.


Seasons Fall 2020 – Sylv’Acctes

Seasons Fall 2020 : For this new episode of Seasons, we are pleased to present the Sylv’acctes association, with whom we are developing projects to enhance and preserve our forests, particularly on the site of our new distillery of Aiguenoire, in the heart of the Chartreuse massif.

Seasons Episode 13 – Summer 2020 – Producer of plants

Summer is here, and with it the new Seasons, which has brought to light two characters as discreet as essential for our beautiful liqueur. Their self-esteem is closely linked to nature, which punctuates their work and their life.

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