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Chartreuse, it is more than 4 centuries of history since the handing over of the manuscript by François Hannibal d’Estrées in 1605. It took more than 150 years of research for the Carthusian monks (les Chartreux) to unravel the secret of the manuscript and fix the recipe for the Elixir Végétal in 1764. At the beginning of the 19th century, the development of a new “Table Elixir” gave birth to the Green Chartreuse and the Yellow Chartreuse in 1840. Since then, they have been able to keep and transmit their precious know-how and , even today, these recipes constitute the main product of the Chartreux Fathers.

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The tourist site of the chartreuse cellars

The Caves de la Chartreuse tourist site is getting a facelift from September 2020 for a period of approximately 18 months. During this period visits are interrupted but the shop remains open. Come live a new experience. We look forward to seeing you in summer 2022 to discover a redesigned visitor trail in a new space. You will re-discover the history of Chartreuse liqueurs, their exceptional heritage as well as the incredible know-how of the Carthusian monks.

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Illustrative images of the project: cocktail bar, boutique and reception


Tasting Chartreuse simply as a digestif is an experience in itself: it reveals the extent and complexity of its aromatic palette as you taste it: herbaceous, peppery, spicy and delicately sweet flavors follow one another. Chartreuse continues to evolve in the bottle, so each tasting is a unique experience. Appreciated for its character and its aromatic power, it has always been used in cocktails. As soon as our tourist site reopens in 2022, extend your visit over a cocktail in our new bar area.

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