Liqueur du foudre 147

On August 30, 2018, the Chartreux Fathers inaugurated the 7th distillery of their history in Aiguenoire, Entre-deux-Guiers.

In Voiron, the distillations stopped at the site of the Caves de la Chartreuse in June 2017, a historic site that has hosted the production of Chartreuse liqueurs for nearly 85 years.

It is in the heart of the longest liquor cellar in the world that the Chartreuse monks (the Carthusians) have decided to put to age a liqueur called “Liqueur du foudre 147” (Liqueur of the cask number 147).
A blend of yellow and green Chartreuse liqueurs, this creation is a clever balance between the finesse and passion of the 49 °.

This cuvée is available exclusively at the boutique of the Caves de la Chartreuse in Voiron (Isère / France).

It symbolizes the strong link that has bound the city of Voiron to the liquor for so many years, and for the years to come.

Come and discover this liqueur on its historic place of production and nowhere else, at a fixed price of 49.30 €.

Bottle: molded in relief with the globe and the cross of the Carthusians; SCDVO motto (Stat Crux Dum Volvitur Orbis). Copper print capsule.

Label: composed of real wood, no background of this label is similar, frame marked with a hot copper.

Box: various elements printed in hot copper .

70 cl – 49%


Self-assured, Green Chartreuse has transformed itself into an essential ingredient of cocktails. ...
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