Chartreuse MOF Liqueur

Liqueur created by the best craftsmen of France “Sommeliers”. This special Chartreuse Jaune cuvée was first created in 2008 by the Chartreux Fathers in close collaboration with the Meilleur Ouvriers de France Sommeliers (M.O.F).
Alcohol, sugar, water, vegetable substances (130 plants, bark, roots, spices and flowers).
Degrés d'alcool
45% vol.
Bottle presentation
3cl, 70cl, 300cl - Original bottle embossed with the symbol of the Carthusian Order characteristic of Chartreuse liqueurs: Smoked glass, cork stopper, yellow label surrounded by blue-white-red reminiscent of M.O.F.
Nutritional informations
Elaboration The cuvée des Meilleur Ouvriers de France is a blend liqueur. To create this liqueur, the Carthusians brought all their know-how and knowledge to select traditional Yellow Chartreuse liqueurs and seek a different aromatic balance, highlighting freshness and liveliness.

Tasting notes Ideally as a digestif, to be served chilled between 12 and 13 ° to discover all the flavor and aromatic complexity. Can also be enjoyed on ice.

Photo © Stéphane Couchet