How Chartreuse is made today


Herb room of the Grande-Chartreuse Monasery – St Pierre de Chartreuse


Only 2 Chartreuse Monks know the names of the 130 herbs and plants used to make Chartreuse: the ones mentioned in the manuscript they have been given more than 400 years ago.
The ‘herb room” is located in the old monastery’s bakery.
There the herbs and plants are dried, crushed, and mixed in different series.
Each series is then kept in a carefully numbered bag. The bags are finally delivered to the Aiguenoire distillery.

Aiguenoire distillery, Entre-Deux-Guiers

The distillery of Aiguenoire, Entre-Deux-Guiers

This distillery has been in operation since November 2017, and has been officially inaugurated on August 30th 2018.
Each series of herbs and plants macerates in alcohol.
After an undisclosed period of time, this mix, called maceration, is poured in stills.
Then begins the distillation process.

Before being put to age, the liquor is controlled by the Chartreuse monks in their laboratory.

The Chartreuse cellar, Voiron


The liqueurs age in barrels (flat base) or oak casks.
After several years, the Chartreuse Monks will test the liqueur and decide if it is ready to be bottled and marketed.

Bottling line

The bottling line in Voiron

Partly automated, bottting and shipping activities take place on the ground floor above the cellar.
The relocation of the bottling line to Aiguenoire is planned for 2020.

The 7th distillery of the Chartreuse Fathers was officially inaugurated on August 30th 2018 in Aiguenoire.

You may download here the inauguration speech of the Father Procurator of the Chartreuse Order
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